Mandala Making



What is flowing through me?

As I color I pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, memories, impressions etc. that surface.  I also pay attention to what other themes pop up when I am not creating.

  • a deeper understanding/acknowledgment of my trauma history and the direct effects the unhealthy ways I’ve adapted have on my everyday life
  • currently in transition and uncomfortable in the unknowns
All finished!


What is shifting and integrating?

After finding myself thawing out of a cycle of stuffing and freezing my feelings it seems that my emotions are relocating themselves into my daily life.  Feeling into the discomfort as it arose during the creation of this mandala helped me to understand, accept, and integrate this rather than revert to older patterns of stuffing, judging, and condemning my experience.

Relaxation Rating: 2 out of 10

I found creating the symmetrical aspects of mandala making to actually increase my feelings of anxiety.  Once I got into the coloring phase it was very meditative and relaxing though.

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